Monday, February 7, 2011

Sia - We Are Born

Sia is a singer I've been into for quite some time now through various people, places, and things.

I first heard her song, Breathe Me, in college when my theatre group used it for a dance number depicting the death of a president, his wife, and his cheating ways. Can you guess the pres?

Anyway - I absolutley fell in love with this song. It's haunting and powerful at the same time, but I never knew who the artist was. Sometime later I bought her album, Some People Have Real Problems on a whim, during a date at Starbucks, and fell even more in love with her. I even sent her song Death By Chocolate to my friend when he was having girls problems....

"Tears on your pillow will dry and you will learn / Just how to love again / Oh my weeping willow / Let your leaves fall and return / Oh darling the seasons are your friend"

Another great song from this album was the silly and bouncy Academia that has completely opposite undelying notes of not being good enough or not being noticed from the upbeat percussion. Something I've found pretty common amongst her early music, it's a bit....sad.

Point of this post being, that was 2008, and I've forgotten about her until now. has so generously given me her new album (just released this year) for only $5 and it's AWESOME! This ever changing, Australian electro-jazz/soul pop, and noticably eclectic singer has put out an UPBEAT album!

Right off the bat, The Fight, made me start grooving in my seat with electro-pop goodness. Then you also have songs like Stop Trying and Never Gonna Leave Me.

Check out her video below for You've Changed - while I spend the rest of the day soaking up this albums awesomeness!

Oh Sia - I have to say....YOU'VE changed for the better!

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