Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Running playlist needed!

HELP! I need to log some serious miles and I need some good suggestions of what to listen to as The Black Eyed Peas and Passion Pit are quickly growing old!

Friday, April 15, 2011

La Belle et Le Bad Boy

Oh. My. Goodness! Look at what I have found!!

La Belle et Le Bad Boy

For all you Sex and The City fans out there - you know EXACTLY what this is from.

Way over priced, but I immediately bought it for $1.29 on itunes.

$5 Amazon Albums

Periodically....or more like 3 times a month...I get emails from Amazon.com about their $5 album deals and more often than not I take full advantage of them so why not share the wealth!

For you - 100 $5 Albums on Amazon

I think I might get best of Radiohead, Of Montreal, maybe Kid Cudi (Do I want Kid Cudi? ...Yeah, I do), maybe Ted Leo & The Pharmacists...but probably not.

Ok - Enjoy!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I was asked by my boyfriend some time ago if I wanted to see a new band called Pinback. Of course my answer was "sure!" - new artist I've never heard of? 930 Club? Why not? However, through our ever busy and ever changing schedules I don't think we will get to see this band - but I've been urged to blog on them anyway. Here are my findings;

My initial reaction while listing to Penelope (which by the way is a song about a goldfish...), trying to get a feel for thier sound, and looking for pictures of them... They sound like THIS and look like THAT? Very unexpected, but pleasantly surprised!

Pinback in an indie rock band from California that has a very Her Space Holiday sound to them mixed with a Princess Bride meets Lord of the Rings visual quality - they are incredibly smooth with ghostly melodies accompanied by a slow (sometimes intense) instrumental backdrop.

What I am enjoying more and more while listening to this music is their ability to move seamlessly from lively upbeat (Good To Sea) to melancholy sounds (Walters). They have quite a few albums, singles, EPs dating back to 1999 and a new album "Information Retrieved, Pt A" in 2011, Part B in 2012.

I should probably look into getting those.

In the end if you like Her Space Holiday or Death Cab For Cutie - you will probably enjoy Pinback also.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jenny and Tyler

Oh Oh - Look what I've found!

Jenny and Tyler....the quintessential couple brought together by their love of song writing and mutual upbringings full of jazz, bluegrass, and southern gospell. Their first album 'A Prelude' dropped in 2007 and since then they have had 2 more full length albums. 'This Isn't A Dream' released in 2009 and 'Faint Not' released late 2010. They also have 1 8-song Christmas EP called 'Love Came Down' released 2009. If their most recent album wasn't described as "Faint Not ia a cohesive story; each song building off the other. The end result is an intimate telling of Jenny & Tylers journey of faith." I would consider buying it.

As most may know I tend to get uncomfortable and turned off when hearing religion is brought into the mix – It’s a wonder that I own albums by Sufjan Stevens, The Mae Shi, and Justice! Oh wait, I know, it's because I like dance music...

Point being, Jenny and Tylers music is sweet and soulful and full of love and if you’re feeling like me this morning you should probably listen to the player of their new album here; http://jennyandtylermusic.com/

Also - does anyone else think their song, Song For You, sounds an awful lot like When Your Mind's Made Up from the Once soundtrack?? (Side note, if you haven't seen this movie or listened to this sound track, you are SERIOUSLY missing out.)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Songs of the day!

They played 2 major songs on the radio this morning. I had to share.

Have a good Friday!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another post on The Pretty Reckless and Taylor Momsen

I did everything in my power to fight The Pretty Reckless phenom. Really, I didn't want any part of it. I didn't want to believe this sorry excuse for brooding teen angst actually had the least bit of talent. I wanted to look and laugh and enjoy in a mocking sort of way where I could walk away and listen to something else. Something better. Someone not known as "Little J." I feel like I'm in some sort of insane comedic relationship with myself where the outcome is becoming less of a music enthusiast and more of a pop culture wannabe.

Then wannabe it is. I downloaded their album yesterday, Light Me Up, and it's got me. I hate to admit it, but it really does. I've listened to it all of yesterday and so far all of this morning. I feel like I am in the period in college when I was really into AFI - THAT is who they remind me of (Now I wish I still had their CD so I could listen and reminisce).

Point being....there are lines like "Does what I'm wearing seem to shock you? Well that's ok" and "Since you've been gone my life has moved on quite nicely, actually" and they surprisingly don't phase me in the slightest.

I feel like I've moved past a period of music in my life - that that I used to listen to in high school and college and this is what it reminds me of and I am having a damn good time reliving it.

With that being said - my favorite song off their album so far is Light Me Up. Not that I could hear it at the concert a few weeks ago with all the screaming teenagers and the multiple alcoholic beverages coursing through my veins. Did I mention the concert was fun? I had a great time with my girlfriends, albeit we stuck out like sore thumbs.

Annemarie, Ari, Me, Marisa, Jenny