Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jenny and Tyler

Oh Oh - Look what I've found!

Jenny and Tyler....the quintessential couple brought together by their love of song writing and mutual upbringings full of jazz, bluegrass, and southern gospell. Their first album 'A Prelude' dropped in 2007 and since then they have had 2 more full length albums. 'This Isn't A Dream' released in 2009 and 'Faint Not' released late 2010. They also have 1 8-song Christmas EP called 'Love Came Down' released 2009. If their most recent album wasn't described as "Faint Not ia a cohesive story; each song building off the other. The end result is an intimate telling of Jenny & Tylers journey of faith." I would consider buying it.

As most may know I tend to get uncomfortable and turned off when hearing religion is brought into the mix – It’s a wonder that I own albums by Sufjan Stevens, The Mae Shi, and Justice! Oh wait, I know, it's because I like dance music...

Point being, Jenny and Tylers music is sweet and soulful and full of love and if you’re feeling like me this morning you should probably listen to the player of their new album here; http://jennyandtylermusic.com/

Also - does anyone else think their song, Song For You, sounds an awful lot like When Your Mind's Made Up from the Once soundtrack?? (Side note, if you haven't seen this movie or listened to this sound track, you are SERIOUSLY missing out.)

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