Thursday, April 14, 2011


I was asked by my boyfriend some time ago if I wanted to see a new band called Pinback. Of course my answer was "sure!" - new artist I've never heard of? 930 Club? Why not? However, through our ever busy and ever changing schedules I don't think we will get to see this band - but I've been urged to blog on them anyway. Here are my findings;

My initial reaction while listing to Penelope (which by the way is a song about a goldfish...), trying to get a feel for thier sound, and looking for pictures of them... They sound like THIS and look like THAT? Very unexpected, but pleasantly surprised!

Pinback in an indie rock band from California that has a very Her Space Holiday sound to them mixed with a Princess Bride meets Lord of the Rings visual quality - they are incredibly smooth with ghostly melodies accompanied by a slow (sometimes intense) instrumental backdrop.

What I am enjoying more and more while listening to this music is their ability to move seamlessly from lively upbeat (Good To Sea) to melancholy sounds (Walters). They have quite a few albums, singles, EPs dating back to 1999 and a new album "Information Retrieved, Pt A" in 2011, Part B in 2012.

I should probably look into getting those.

In the end if you like Her Space Holiday or Death Cab For Cutie - you will probably enjoy Pinback also.

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