Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Missing shows, Stalking, & Finding new tunes.

I was supposed to go to the Spoon/Arcade Fire concert with my coworker, Diane, this Friday, but after some unfortunate circumstances (ie: $100 "improper passing" ticket from some douchebag cop on 395 on the way into work yesterday...) I won't be able to make it. Maybe I will have her write something short about it next week. Celebrity post, D? :)

(Note: Last night in my spin class they played You Got Yr Cherry Bomb and they NEVER play good music in my work out classes....I think it was a sign that I am missing something huge =/)

On a different topic, I have found some more new music! Yay! But is anyone surprised?? Haha. There is an art student in LA, Jeff Thomas, who is the artist, creater, and master mind of a well known set of comic/cartoon characters Pon&Zi....well, at least well known to geeks like me.

Anyway, point being, I was checking out his DeviantArt page and reading up on him (yes, he's somewhere between 19 and 21 and I might semi stalk him...) and I came across 2 new bands I decided to take a listen to: Noah and The Whale & Faded Paper Figures.

Noah and The Whale is definately something I would consider "Indie Rock" - I will have to listen more to get a better description. Here are a couple songs to wet your buds.
Give A Little Love
Blue Skies

Honestly, why is it that every band I find and like are from the UK? I need to move to London at this point. I'm seriously debating it if nothing more then to expand my music collection.

And the 2nd band was Faded Paper Figures and from giving them a little wikipedia stalk I've read that they are "known for their electro-organic sound often compared to bands like Weevil, The Postal Service, Belle and Sebastian, and Morrissey". I can't attest to Weevil or Morrissey, but I enjoy The Postal Service & Belle and Sebastian.

Aaaaannnddddd....this just in, listened to a few of their songs on youtube and I officially love them, a lot more then Noah and The Whale (then again, their sounds are totally different). Here are some songs for you to jam out to at work today.
The Persuaded
Metropolis - this song is pretty great and the music video is silly and I like it a lot :)
New Medium

I have entirely too many CDs that I want to buy (everything Tunng & Faded Paper Figures), which doesn't bode well for my broke ass.

(On another note: I've stopped posting pictures because it f's up the spacing in my this looks like a novel, my appologies.)

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