Monday, January 17, 2011

S. Carey

Another starbucks pick of the week has stolen my heart a bit. I'm such a sucker for male vocalists, pianos, and rich melodies! Not to mention I am sucker for the lovely band BON IVER with whom Sean Carey is a part of and plays drums and piano for during liver performances!

S. Carey - In the Dirt

Careys debut album, All We Grow, released Aug 2010 is a tribute to his rock and jazz background and composed during Bon Iver's tour downtime. He has also earned his degree in classical percussion. His album is short (only a mere 9 songs), but if it's anything like Bon Iver and the first track released above, it will be sweet.

I am dieing to have this and it might be mine by the end of the day.

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