Wednesday, July 21, 2010

MORE new music!!

So, it's no secret that I love me some indie and some folk music, but I also can get down with a bit of country, even the indie/country/folky scene.

With that being said, while trying to concoct some good thursday night plans for a couple of music enthusiasts I stumbled upon a band called "The Morrison Brothers Band" and I am LOVING their sound. Their sound is "an original, soulful fusion of Pop, Rock and Country" says their Myspace page and something I found myself bobbing my head along to when I tried out a couple of their songs. It made me want to turn up my stereo real loud and drive with the windows down at sunset through a wheat field. Imagery enough for you? They were pretty good. Not to mention I like bands no one else knows about.

Tomorrow night I hope I will find myself at Iota in Arlington getting to experience them first hand. And at $15 a ticket? Bargain for some new tunes.

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