Monday, July 12, 2010

Starbucks pick of the week...

As most everyone may know every tuesday Starbucks has a music "Pick of the Week" where they put out little cards announcing new music or new songs or new artists, etc. I have to admit that I really like this... a) because I like finding new music (although always hit or miss) and b) because I have found one of my FAVORITE artists, Mayer Hawthorne, this way.

I randomly picked up this card from Starbucks ages ago and instantly fell in love with the song Just Aint Gonna Work Out. He has this great falcetto to his voice, that mixed with a retro feel to all of his music is like heaven to my ears. His CD, Strange Arangement, is certainly worth checking out.

I definitely might have tried to stalk him on twitter for quite some time (before I realized twitter was an awful waste of time).

Anyway, point being....if you like finding new music, and don't think it's too much like the artist is selling out, then head to starbucks every tuesday and pick up their Pick of the Week. You never know, you may love what you find.

I did! :)

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