Thursday, July 29, 2010


So, I hate to admit that is where I've found a lot of music that I've been into recently. He introduced me to one of the songs in a previous post, Fire In Your New Shoes, and one of my favorite bands ever, Florence + The machine, and he has done it yet again!

Drum roll please...

Tunng - Hustle

It's so cute and upbeat and folky and I kind of love it. They are located in the UK and from what I've read barely ever come to the US. OF COURSE, why would a band I actually enjoy listening to be coming to the US to tour any time soon?!

Here are a couple others I found on youtube that I'm loving as well....

Tunng - Bullets
Tunng - It's Because We've Got Hair

Also, fun little quote I found..."Sam Genders and Mike Lindsey, two of the founding members of Tunng, began their musical careers together by composing scores for soft-core porn."

I wish I could jump on itunes immediately and buy their entire discography, but I spent $50 on new music last week and I'm broke. Anyone want to support a new music lover and buy her a few new CDs? She'll be your best bud!!

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