Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Darrelle London

For weeks Perez Hilton has been talking about Darrelle London and her break out song, Understand. I listened to her a few times on youtube, she's super cute, and catchy, and bubbly, and I really like her, but I definately see me liking her as fleeting. She also seems to be a WAY more upbeat version of the pissed off Kate Nash and the depressed Laura Marling, both of whom I really enjoy. However, her lyrics are pretty entertaining and straight forward, much like Kate Nash.

Anyway, Darrelle is from Ontario, Canada - super charming & smart and if you are in as bubbly a mood as I am this morning, you should give her a listen.



Bad <- I kind of love this song, a lot.

Also, I kind of want her CD. Now. Damn.


  1. Darrelle London doesn't have a cd out. Just singles but I got them all. Another great recommendation from another great blog. Hm.....