Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wild Nothing & Stars Concert @ 9:30 Club


That basically sums it up. Honestly. This show just about rocked my socks off...and I hate (and by hate I mean love) using cheesey lines like that.

Without getting too far ahead of myself with excitement, let me start off with the opening band - Wild Nothing - a band I was not insanely impressed with. Don't get me wrong, they weren't bad. In fact, a few times I found my foot tapping along to them, but after a song or two I realized I was listening to the same thing over and over again. Everything sounded the same. And it never got worse or got better.

And of course - one of the only good pictures I got during the night with my craptastic iPhone was of them, so thank you for that, iPhone.

Anyway, you're welcome to listen to them for yourself. Like I said, they aren't bad - They just aren't great. They are just kinda...there.

Wild Nothing - Live In Dreams (I think they played this at the show, but I'm not sure, could be one of the other 5 that sounded just like it.)

Now on to the main event - STARS really stole the show! They put on a really fun and entertaining show - from the crazy lights blazing behind them and the light up construction hat the drummer wore to the crazy amount of energy they had from start to finish. How the female lead vocalist, Amy, jumped around for 2 plus hours in 4 inch patent leather heels is beyond me, but I give the girl props!

They played about 75% of thier new album, The Five Ghosts, which I loved! And the audiance was treated to a giggle when the male lead vocalist, Torquil, asked if it was ok that it was more upbeat and his counterpart, Amy, responded with "It may be upbeat, but the lyrics are still depressing as all hell, so you can jump around and dance and cry all at the same time!". She then preceded to jump around the stage for a good minute, fake crying. Hilarious!

Speaking of thier new album, they played my favorite song off it and I just about went nuts - We Don't Want Your Body was crazy, and upbeat, and weird, and loud, and GREAT to hear & see in person!

They also played a couple of old fan favorites like The Night Starts Here & Your Ex Lover Is Dead which were instant hits with the audiance who sang along loudly.

I wish I got a couple of better pictures - but with the ones I got, you can get the jist of how psychedelic the show was. Not to mention them blowing bubbles out into the audiance was a super fun touch.

Take a look.

I highly suggest seeing a show of theres if you want to have a great night of dancing your little {or big} hearts out. Thank you again, boyfriend, this really made my week, and being a half asleep zombie all day at work today was totally worth it!

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