Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My wonderful boyfriend got us tickets to see Stars at 9:30club next week and I couldn't be more excited!!

I first got into stars, (duh, an indie pop band from Ontario, Canada), about 3 years ago when a friend of mine introduced me to their CDs Set Yourself On Fire and In Our Bedroom After the War and I was instantly captivated with the song Your Ex-Lover is Dead...partially because the lyrics spoke to my life and my dating realtionship at the time...

"I'm not sorry I met you, I'm not sorry it's over, I'm not sorry there's nothing to save...I'm not sorry there's nothing to save..."

...and partially because I have a soft spot for bands with both female and male talented lead vocalists. This band is no exception with the lead female vocalist - she is wonderful. Aside from their vocal talent, I really love their use of slow, ghostly, melodies mixed with the upbeat sounds of the background instruments (The Night Starts Here).

The band has 6 CDs & 5 EPs and I am saddend to say I only own 3 of theses 11 masterpieces. One of which is their most recent CD, The Five Ghosts, released June 2010. This CD has some pretty noticable differences from the other two I have, first and foremost it is A LOT more upbeat and I would even go as far as saying some songs are even dance-able...take We Don't Want Your Body for example. I would have to say this is a personal fan favorite for me. But don't worry, they have not lost sights of their roots and the ghostly sound is introduced in the very beginning with Dead Hearts.

The Five Ghosts

With all of that being said I'm hoping the concert will not disapoint, I'm not sure how it would.

Thank you again, Stephen!


  1. Anytime babe. Next month, we got Two Door Cinema Club! GET PUMPED!

  2. Why did I not know this blog existed. Music is great!

  3. This blog is great Allison! I love music!

  4. thanks maggie! hope you keep reading!