Friday, September 17, 2010

The John Butler Trio

This morning I was invited to accompany my best man friend and his girlfriend to see The John Butler Trio. Being the avid lover of new music that I am, I happily agreed (yes boyfriend, that means you're coming too).

Knowing absolutely nothing about said band, not even hearing the name before I decided to have a listen and I have to say I am really loving their sound. They are a jam band from Australia and have a really eclectic sound ranging from country to indie to blues to roots to jazz.

Here are a couple of my favorites so far...

Ragged Mile

I'd do anything

One Way Road

Have a listen - and happy friday :)


  1. So glad youre coming. Ive been waiting for them to come to the US for awhile. Apparently they came to Wolftrap recently and I missed it. Would have been cool to lounge on a blanket outside and listen but it will be just as cool in Baltimore. Maybe we should get a room and stay over night? Check out these also (just a couple of my favs. and awesome love songs)

  2. Michelle! I think that is an AWESOME idea! About staying the night in bmore :D - we should definately look into it.