Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Fling

Thank. You. Hear. Ya.

I have nothing else to say except....


Their sound has been characterized as "classic ’60s pop, ’90s alternative, and contemporary indie-rock clashing fluidly to create a strangely nostalgic effect." - Which explains why I felt like I was listening to something describing the Beatles meets Guster (especially with Cold Comfort). They have a CD, released Aug 2010, called When The Madhouses Appear, and I need it immediately.

*sigh* - I am in heaven.

[Edit - I finally bought the CD and it's fantastic, a total throw back to The Beatles...and everyone knows I LOVE THE BEATLES. However, itunes tells me the Genre is Rock? I'm not sure I agree with that. If you consider Bon Iver mixed with the Beatles rock, then sure.]


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