Thursday, December 16, 2010

GirlTalk @ 930 Club

I got this email from one of the popular DC concert venues 930 Club this morning - Much better than saying "I don't understand your music taste" - hahahaha, I get that often! Anyway - don't know what to get someone for the holidays? Concert tickets or $$ to put towards concert tickets so they can go see those weird country / indie / bluesy / folky / rap-like / techno-y / jamband / pop / electronic bands they are into.

With that being said - I just found out last night that Girl Talk is going to be at 930 Club in early Feb, anyone want to come?! Prereq - You are NOT allowed to stand still if you come with me! You must dance, if not more, than you would dance at a Legwarmers show.

Girl Talk is the stage name of DJ, Gregg Gillis, a musician specializing in mashups and digital sampling of current/past/future popular music, all genres - also know by many in the music industry as a "lawsuit waiting to happen" because of his use of dozens of clips of unauthorized samples to create a new song.

I happen to just call it a dance party. Another friend of mine once called it a "sweaty, dancing mess, where everyone gets up on stage and dances like crazy!"

GirlTalk has 5 albums, all available via the Illegal Art website where he asks the listeners to pay whatever price they see fit for his music! I am debating buying all of the music he has available.

Check out one of his mashups live below...

I think the best part is he is smack dab in the middle of the crowd, or the crowd has taken over his stage - whatever! Just looks like fun!

And a couple others here....
GirlTalk - 1
GirlTalk - 2
GirlTalk - 3

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