Thursday, December 30, 2010


I've been wondering who that band in the Christmas Hyundai commercials is for a few weeks now and via a short ironic turn of events known as facebook stalking, I saw someone post one of their videos on someone elses wall and thus the name Pomplamoose appears!

Pomplamoose is the brainchild of indie YouTube/MySpace phenoms and Cali natives Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn which started back in 2008 with their popular song, Hail Mary. This multi-instrumenal duo's version of music video's or "VideoSongs" is what makes them so interesting - nothing is left to the imagination. They want the listener to see and hear everything stripped down and raw.

They have an array of musical compilations consisting of the following
  • 2009: Pomplamoose VideoSongs
  • 2010: Tribute To Famous People, a compilation of covers
  • 2010: 3 New Songs Woot!
  • 2010: Pomplamoose Christmas
I'm sort of dieing to have the first full length album because I am loving their sound...and will probably have it in my possession by the end of the day.

Check out a couple of their songs here - Be Still, Twice As Nice, and Beat The Horse.

[This just in - I dled Pomplamoose VideoSongs and I am obsessed with it. It is cute and quirky and upbeat and everything I'm looking for in some new music. I also love that in a couple songs they include bloopers or them talking to one another into the equation. Once I find out how to play music in my entries without youtube I will add it for you who read this!]


  1. I was wondering who they were too! Like it.

  2. I was wondering who they were too! Like it.