Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Sing-Off Ep. 1

Being the avid lover of music that I am you would think that I love all musical tv shows - not true, American Idol, has grown progressively worse throughout the years! But one show that has just started in it's second season and surprisingly does NOT suck is NBC's The Sing-Off. Bringing groups of all ages together for 3 weeks to achieve one common goal, $100,000 and a Sony recording contact. This great, feel good, and overly talented show that just started it's 2nd season last night did not disapoint.

Last night's 2 hour premeir featured 10 accapella groups from all over the US performing multiple different genres,

  • Eleventh Hour - "Baby" Justin Beiber
  • On The Rocks - "Bad Romance" Lady Gaga
  • Groove For Thought - "I wish" Stevie Wonder
  • Pitch Slapped - "Good Girls Go Bad" Cobra Starship
  • Jerry Lawson & Talk of The Town - "Save The Last Dance" The Drifters
  • The Whiffenpoofs of Yale - "Grace Kelly" Mika
  • Men of Note - "The Longest Time" Billy Joel
  • Street Corner Symphony - "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" Tears for Fears
  • The Backbeats - "If I were a Boy" Beyonce
  • Committed - "This Love" Maroon 5
Eleventh Hour really surprised me, being the youngest group on stage, and Committed's harmonies blew me out of the water, but the biggest thrill was Jerry Lawson, formerly of The Persuasions! However, I felt like I should have been impressed with Pitch Slapped, seeing as they hailed from Berklee College of Music....but their performance was a bit of a disapointment...and...


....they were sent home. I also wasn't surprised when Men of Note were sent home because as incredible as their lead singers falcetto was (and it was pretty amazing I have to say), he was more than a little pitchy singing in his chest.

Check out last night's episode on Hulu here - The Sing-Off Ep. 1 - And check back on Thursday for results from Wednesday night's episode!

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