Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It's been brought to my attention....time and time again....that I have not updated my blog in quite some time. Well, this is because my job is slowly (or quickly...) sucking my soul and any time I have before, during, or after work is consumed with being tired

With that being said the Josh Groban CD my boyfriend got me is pretty great. I've always been amazed by the fulness and richness in his voice. "How's his CD? Aren't all his songs like...Christmas music?" asks my best friend. Surprisingly not. A lot of the songs on his Illuminations CD are love songs and some are in Italian (which, actually, I don't speak Italian, so I have no idea if they are Christmas songs). It's definately classical and one needs to be in a certain relaxed mood to listen, but if you are, I would certainly suggest listening to him. I adore him. I wish I could wrap myself up in his voice!

Here's a highlight off the album for your enjoyment....
Bells of New York City

Aside from Josh Groban, I have been GRASPING AT STRAWS for new music. I have found nothing I like recently and no desire to listen to what I already have including Miike Snow, Sara Bareilles, Passion Pit, etc...Don't get me wrong, I love them all, but I am BORED to say the least.

In a last fleeting attempt this morning to find something else I decided to check out the youtube "might we suggest yadda yadda ya, we think we know what you want, but we're usually wrong because we always suggest John Mayer" portion of my youtube account and came across a band called Scanners...and surprisingly no John Mayer.

After a short listen and some google stalking later I have found out this...

Scanners is a Alternative, New Wave, Indie Rock band from London, England who got their start back in 2004 (I'm so behind the times....). Anyway, they have 2 albums Violence is Golden (2006) & Submarine (2010).

I have a real knack for finding artists who just released albums this year. Go me.

After some more listening it's very apparent, that much like She&Him the first Scanners CD I like a lot better than the 2nd. I love their ability to jump effortlessly between genres in Violence is Golden.

Here are a few songs I found that I've liked - I hope my taste for this band doesn't fade away like my taste for The Kooks. I can't decide if I want either of their albums yet....

We Never Close Our Eyes
A Girl LikeYou
Baby Blue

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